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Honour Optics can provide optical customized design service, the standard single item design or simple assembly design is free of charge. Series Lens group, complex optical system design belongs to our charging items.We integrate the best resource, providing the excellent products, the most favorable prices, the fastest delivery, the longest warranty period and the best service, that is the service concept Honour will always adhere to.

Honour Optics

Honour Optics Co., Ltd, established in 2016, and located in Beijing, China. Our company mainly engages in development, production and sales of high-precision crystalline material, include UV and IR optical crystals, laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, laser components and other optical products, which are widely used in semiconductors, electron, precise instrument, survey devices, medical equipment, sensor, imaging devices, laser gear and the field of optical communication etc.

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Chengdu CITY Honour Optics INSE FURNITURE CO., LTD

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Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Kitchen Cabinets

YAG (Yttrium aluminum garnet or Y3Al5O12), like garnet and sapphire, has no uses as a laser medium when pure. However, after being doped with an appropriate ion, custom high purity YAG laser crystal is commonly used as a host material in various solid-state lasers.

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With premium quality and helpful service, Honour Optics gains overseas partners’ trust. We have cooperated with estate developers in South Africa and India. Honour Optics is not only a cabinet manufacturer but also a good business partner in cabinets solutions. We have our own tech advisors who have a good knowledge of material and processing. Based on your kitchen or room layout, our design team could come up with free CAD design and perspective for your reference. English speaking specialist is available and dedicated to your project. Experienced workers could give professional guides in the installation or on-site assistance.

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Large LBO Fabrication And Stock

Honour Optics actually is a new company in optical and laser crystal fields, that seems we do not have any advantages. Hopefully, manufacture and stock LBO could be one of the advantages. Honour Optics specially manufactures large size LBO crystals and have the most common used on the stock. Honour Optics runs SHG and THG coatings almost every day, coatings and fabrications always could be combined for a saving purpose. This really helps a lot to control the cost and achieve the short lead time.

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  • Happy New Year Of 2019

    Good relationships are an important basis for maintaining long-term cooperation. In the past years, Honour Optics extends our global partner relationships, we always regard the customers as friends, always for the sake of the customers, the customers’ satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. Adhering to this concept, we maintain a cooperative relationship with our customers for many years, and we will continue to provide the most sincere service for the customers.

    Every year on Christmas and New Year, to thank our customers’ trust and help, Honour Optics expresses beautiful gifts to the customers all around the world. We select unique gifts with Chinese characteristics carefully every year, one is for sending New Year's greetings to the customers, and the other hand is also an opportunity to spread Chinese culture. On the occasion of the arrival of 2019 New Year’s Day, Honour Optics wishes our global Partners a happy New Year!

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  • Honour Makes All Fluoride Crystal

    Honour’s engineering team is the professional with many years’ experience handling Fluoride materials. We offer these optics with the most competitive prices and excellent quality. Please contact us with your requirements.

    BaF2 (Barium Fluoride): Mostly be used as windows and lenses, others such as rod, wedge, prism, spherical and cylindrical also available as needed; Mono or polycrystal, maximum size is about 200mm.

    MgF2 (Magnesium Fluoride): With different shapes, such as rod, square, step, wedge, prism, spherical, cylindrical and so on.
    Mono or polycrystal, VUV excimer level, UV and IR grade, maximum size is about 200mm

    CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride): Optical components with different shapes, such as rod, square, step, wedge, prism, spherical, cylindrical etc.
    Mono or polycrystal, VUV excimer level, UV and IR grade, maximum size is about 400mm

    LiF (Lithium Fluoride): optical components with different shapes, such as rod, square, step, wedge, prism, spherical, cylindrical etc.
    UV and IR grade, maximum size is about 180mm

    Optical Fluoride material is worldly known as difficult to fabrication and expensive. Honour’s team now comes to solve this problem. We welcome any challenges whether for large size or micro size, special shape, drill or with center hole, we are looking for a crazy design.

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